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Here at Kennet Valley Primary School we provide a safe environment in which children can experiment, explore and progress in their own creative ways.

The intent of our EYFS curriculum is to ensure our children develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve fulfilling lives. The EYFS is the start of our children’s school journey towards achieving this important purpose.

We teach to the Development Matters and EYFS Framework. We use Tapestry online learning journals to keep track of children’s progress. We use Tapestry to collect data from observations at home and at school. We track data using Tapestry grids, Phonics grids, Maths grids and general overview (17 ELG areas) every half term.

We aim to achieve our curriculum intent by providing high quality teaching and learning in a language rich environment. We value, respect and care for all of our children here at Kennet Valley Primary School. Each child is unique and brings a irreplaceable value to our classrooms. We provide a curriculum which is based upon their interests, accessible to them and links to the world around them which they know and understand.

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