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Get ready for a summer of treasure-seeking fun with the Mischief Makers!

For this year’s Summer Reading Challenge we’re off to Beanotown, where rumour has it there’s a treasure chest full of epic pranks waiting to be discovered…

Say hello to Pieface, Rubi, JJ, Gnasher, and the ultimate mischief maker: Dennis!


Mischief Makers

They’re on the trail of the hidden treasure, and they’re looking for some more friends to join in the adventure!

Take part in the Summer Reading Challenge 2018 and see if you can help the Mischief Makers find the box of tricks.

Taking part in the Challenge is simple you can sign up for free at your local library.

You’ll receive your very own map of Beanotown to get you started. Read six library books (or more!) over the holidays to collect special stickers to add to your map.

Collect all the stickers to discover where the treasure is hiding and complete the Challenge.

Dennis and his friends will be with you every step of the way to give you clues and show you how to be a Mischief Maker too!

You can use this website, Summer Reading Challenge 2017, to keep track of the books you read, write book reviews, enter competitions, chat to other readers and much much more…

Extreme Reading!

Do you enjoy reading in unusual places? Maybe you read while sat on a beach, or on an airplane! Take a photo of your extreme reading and bring it back to Mrs Somner in September. Photos will be displayed in the library and the two most unusual places to read will each recieve a book voucher from the PTA. 

Please remeber to always choose your reading place carefully and STAY SAFE!


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